During the last months of 2021, and thanks to foreign capital that drive startups, the number of small technology-based companies with high potential multiplied in Latin America. Currently, there are international investors financing business models that reach a high level of management, capital and talent.

Generation of virtual interaction. Through interconnected virtual communities, the metaverse will change the way people interact and experience reality. Business opportunities will create new industries as users shift their focus from the web to this new form of experience.

Accelerated digitization. Technology will change many things that were done physically by inertia and that now, from a cell phone or a computer, can be solved more quickly. The change will be supported by effective technology solutions and ongoing training.

Financing models. Disruptive models such as equity crowdfunding can be an ideal formula to help entrepreneurs obtain financing and expand their businesses. This transformation is a key step in democratizing access to finance and represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

A new regional map. The innovative potential of Latin American startups in front of investors from all over the world shows that the growth horizon during 2022 will be promising. Connecting ideas and investments is the key. The hybrid model will remain in the new normal and will present a challenge to manage and integrate teams effectively, regardless of whether employees are in-person or remotely. This is a great alternative to promote work autonomy, since it allows you to build independent teams.