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We develop new ways of thinking to design innovative solutions

HIT is a world-wide company that provides technological solutions
to an ever growing financial services market. We partner with Avenir R&D
to develop technogies for future solutions.

Brings its innovation technology and industry expertise on how to make premium metal cards.

Creates confidence in global payment transactions, modern communication, digital identities, and data security.

FCS is our official manufacturer. A PCI certified card manufacturer providing the highest quality payment cards to issuers of credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards. With an ever growing demand for upscale products, FCS has created a state of the art manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have developed a variety of metal based card products to meet the demands of an ever growing market, including contact, EMV, Dual Interface EMV and other advancements.


What are NFTs: the ‘tokens’ for collecting

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens or, what would be the same thing, a “non-fungible asset”. That is, a type of asset that cannot be modified, that is unique. For example, a work of art. A [...]

How does metaverse the work?

The metaverse is a concept of a persistent online 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. You can think of this as a future version of the Internet. The metaverse will allow users to [...]

What is the blockchain ​​for?

Once blockchain is defined, it is essential to know the advantages that make it the technology of the moment, in other words, what is Blockchain technology for and how you can benefit from it, both [...]

Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence for 2022

Artificial intelligence (or AI) has shaken the world since its inception, and every day we hear new news about uses and business applications in every corner of the market. It is difficult for you to [...]

Trends for startups and unicorns during 2022

During the last months of 2021, and thanks to the arrival of foreign capital that drives startups and unicorns, the number of small technology-based companies with high potential in Latin America multiplied. Currently, there are [...]

An Asian hub of talent

The Singapore government is trying to turn the economy into a regional hi-tech hub. It helps small businesses adopt new technologies and supports workers in retraining. After imposing restrictions on immigration, the city-state is pushing [...]

From an idea to
innovate solutions

We take an idea, do research, make a great design and do the development towards the perfect solution. Avenir is our R&D center in Ireland, one of the countries listed as a seedbed of the best talents in this specific industry. We have agreements with the best universities because we consider youth as the backbone of our business strategy.

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