It would be a stack of folders, surely. Folders full of sheets stuffed with “0s” and “1s”, like some secret FBI code. That language is actually called “binary”, and it is the only one that computers know (before they translate it for us into images and letters): it is simply a detailed record of hundreds, thousands, millions of transactions. But of course, all this comes in digital, because having a giant stack of folders is neither very practical nor very safe.

A startup is mainly characterized by its fast and efficient growth compared to small and medium-sized companies, they require a high level of energy, be open to new possibilities, new ideas and have agility in decision making. Startups are one of the main bases of the economy and employment, but they must also take into account that the only thing that is certain is constant change, so we must be in continuous learning, which allows us to have an updated profile.

5G technology

It allows improvement in innovation processes, product and service design, increasing the capacity for data analysis and development of these, through tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data to offer the consumer a better user experience thanks to to customization and automation. The way in which products and services will be announced will change thanks to the arrival of the fifth generation, generating more interactivity, loading speed, greater market segmentation, focusing on technological media that has been increasing in recent years. , and especially in the pandemic that allowed the accelerated growth of the use of these technologies.


Every time people are aware of the risk of providing information on different networks, and this is something that companies are also becoming aware of. Therefore, it becomes an indispensable element for startups, since it becomes a strength for users, since every day new companies begin to develop new virtual protection systems and businesses.

Soft skills development

Given the constant change in all company processes, where automation is gaining strength, soft skills are the ones that will begin to be more relevant, companies need agile, skillful, flexible, creative, innovative people who adapt to the changes, who work as a team, have critical thinking, empathy, among others.

They are critical skills that allow the development of these startups, since they are critical skills that allow them to overcome the different stages that all these companies go through, and thus achieve the success of the venture.