As the metaverse is still in a development phase where companies are creating the necessary infrastructure for it to function, the limits on what can and cannot be done are not clear. In addition, the intention of its developers is that users can contribute ideas and put them into practice in the metaverse as technology allows.

What does seem evident is that it will be the evolution of what we know today as the Internet, so some of the main changes will occur in the way we consume and create content, and in how we interact socially:

Work: one of the objectives is for it to become a workplace, where people can meet in virtual spaces as if they were physically there, and have the necessary tools to hold meetings, work, make presentations, among other things. .

Having fun: attending a concert and feeling like you are sharing the same place with the artist and the audience, but without leaving your living room is one of the examples of how the entertainment industry could change. Mass events would have the option of being face-to-face, virtual, or a hybrid, depending on the needs of the spectators.

Buying: despite the fact that it is currently possible to buy online, with the metaverse this practice would be much more real, since each user’s avatar would be used to try on clothes virtually and thus know how we would look with it. It would also be possible to interact with the seller in the same way that we do in a real store, asking him questions about the items or asking for his opinion.