Silicon Valley is, without a doubt, the largest and most famous of all. Technological giants have emerged from here that began as fun projects in a garage, but later revolutionized the lives of millions of people.

This district arose in the United States more than a century ago, from the strategic union between the Palo Alto Valley in California and Stanford University. Since its inception, this highly prestigious study center began to offer venture capital to all those teachers and students who developed technology-based projects.

Another of the biggest outbreaks is located in Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka, in southern India. Its success has been due to two axes. First, the export of talent. Within Silicon Valley, the population of Indian origin is large, thanks to the commitment that the country began to make more than 20 years ago for technology and programming. India has managed to get much of its talent into the best technology companies in the world. The second axis is the concentration of talent. The country’s authorities are betting on concentrating their professionals within their borders to give rise to startups that, born locally, can conquer the world. This is why several technology giants are setting up their own development centers in Bangalore. In the city there are more than 1,500 national and foreign companies that have established their offices investing billions of dollars in various research and technological development centers.