The world finds itself in a situation of geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainties, but also of enormous opportunities. The crisis brought about by the pandemic showed that these scenarios can be exploited so that certain market trends, such as the digital transformation of businesses, grow more in a couple of years than in the last decade.

There are huge drivers of innovation that can be used by small technology companies to be disruptive, grow and generate new opportunities. There will undoubtedly be many risks but great possibilities for new business models that, to name just a few of these innovation trends, allow users to have more agile, efficient and secure communication, more reasonable and intelligent mobility or more sustainable energy consumption.

Innovation has accelerated and democratized, collaboration between large companies-SMEs being much more natural and even necessary: ​​what is commonly called open innovation. A growing investment ecosystem. Despite the situation, it seems that the trend towards a greater monetary flow towards investments with technological risk is unstoppable.