During the last months of 2021, and thanks to the arrival of foreign capital that drives startups and unicorns, the number of small technology-based companies with high potential in Latin America multiplied. Currently, there are international players who finance projects, business models that reach a high level of management, rounds of capital and, above all, a lot of talent.

Disruptive financing models. During 2022, it will be necessary to expand the frontiers of digitization. Models such as equity crowdfunding – a form of investment in which, in exchange for relatively small amounts of money, public investors obtain a proportional part of the company’s capital – can be a magic formula to help entrepreneurs – and especially entrepreneurs – to obtain financing and expand their businesses. This transformation implies a key step to democratize access to finance and represents a magnificent opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Accelerated digitization. 65% of global gross domestic product (GDP) is predicted to be impacted by digitization by 2022, which is having ramifications across all aspects of business and infrastructure. Technology is essential to change many things that by inertia or tradition were done physically and now, from a cell phone or a computer, they can be solved more easily and quickly. The key to tuning in to change will be leaning on effective technology solutions and ongoing training.

New generation of virtual interaction. Through interconnected virtual communities, the metaverse will change the way people interact, live life and experience reality. Business opportunities, especially in marketing and branding, will create new industries as users shift their focus from the web to this more immersive experience.