Artificial intelligence (or AI) has shaken the world since its inception, and every day we hear new news about uses and business applications in every corner of the market. It is difficult for you to find an industry that does not use at least one form of artificial intelligence to improve its areas or departments. From economics to project management, AI-powered tools and technologies seem to be here to stay.

1) Natural Language Processing: There is no doubt: Natural Language Processing (or NLP) became one of the most used branches within AI technology. PLN allows computers to understand human speech and reduces the need to interact via text with a system, instead interacting with a chatbot. The PLN “empowers” ​​the devices and allows them to transform a normal chat into a code that can make applications and programs work.

2) Conversational AI systems will become more advanced: Chatbot solutions, a form of virtual assistance powered by artificial intelligence, have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and work by developing “natural” conversations within the parameters of rules-based operations. The scope of these bots is limited but very useful: they can answer questions, change passwords, solve easy problems, and direct customers where they need to go. Bots greatly reduce the operational expenses of companies.

3) Autonomous vehicles: Another very exciting idea, for logistics and operational purposes, is AI-driven vehicles. We’ve already had a little glimpse of what these vehicles can mean for business thanks to Tesla. The technology has not yet reached its best level, but we can already dream of a future where there are cars, planes and ships with an AI-based brain.

4) Cybersecurity: is a critical concern that is on the rise and encompasses everyone, from simple internet users to healthcare providers, large companies and governments. The volume of cybercrimes is impressive. Technology is becoming an ever-increasing factor in all aspects of people’s lives, and with this growing tide, more and more people don’t know how to protect their information from cyberattacks.