They are a new model in the field of ‘apps’ and digital business. The ‘superapps’ are the natural evolution of some great digital players, as well as a comfortable solution for users. The client obtains the convenience of accessing numerous services through a single ‘app’ in which the user experience is familiar. You save downloading other applications, familiarizing yourself with their usage dynamics, entering personal or payment data several times, and having interaction histories on different sites.

These ‘superapps’ were born at the time with some specific services, but little by little they have incorporated many other services. Payments are undoubtedly one of the strongest bets in regions with low financial inclusion. These ‘apps’ allow payments to be made in markets where it is crucial to create a trading ecosystem that allows deferring, dividing amounts and avoiding credit cards.

The emergence of these ‘apps’ in regions such as Asia and Latin America is due to the fact that the population «has accessed the Internet directly from the apps», while in Europe and North America «the great digital services were built from the time before the mobile».