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HIT is a world-wide company that provides technological solutions
to an ever growing financial services market. We partner with Avenir R&D
to develop technogies for future solutions.

Brings its innovation technology and industry expertise on how to make premium metal cards.

Creates confidence in global payment transactions, modern communication, digital identities, and data security.

FCS is our official manufacturer. A PCI certified card manufacturer providing the highest quality payment cards to issuers of credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards. With an ever growing demand for upscale products, FCS has created a state of the art manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have developed a variety of metal based card products to meet the demands of an ever growing market, including contact, EMV, Dual Interface EMV and other advancements.


Harnessing the Power of Technology in the Financial Market

The financial market is experiencing steady growth and requires technological solutions to meet the changingdemands of consumers and businesses. Technology is driving significant changes in how financial transactions areconducted and services are delivered, enabling sustainable [...]

Innovative Technological Solutions for Financial Market Growth

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Virtual reality becomes real.

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Technological present

As we enter 2023, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to see some significant trends that will have a positive impact on the job market. While some may fear that AI will replace [...]

The future, now

Like its predecessors, GPT-4 would likely be a transformer-based neural network that is pre-trained on massive amounts of text data. It would be designed to generate human-like responses to natural language prompts, such as questions [...]

Technology key trends for 2024

As we move into the future, technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new innovations and advancements. Here are some of the key [...]

From an idea to
innovate solutions

We take an idea, do research, make a great design and do the development towards the perfect solution. Avenir is our R&D center in Ireland, one of the countries listed as a seedbed of the best talents in this specific industry. We have agreements with the best universities because we consider youth as the backbone of our business strategy.

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