Although metal credit cards are still relatively few compared to traditional ones, they are becoming more popular in the market.

Consumers who demand innovation find them more appealing, and surveys reveal how their status raises while carrying them: metallic credit cards have become luxury items.

Weight seems to be the main cause of this phenomenon. While a traditional plastic credit card weighs about 1 ounce, a Platinum one typically weighs about seven times as much.

As for functionality, metal card fulfills the same purpose as traditional plastic cards. However, everyone wants to feel special. Metal grants status to the user: consumers perceive metal cards as being of higher quality, therefore banks began to extend them to their customers, which has been significantly valued by them.

Although it is uncertain if these metallic cards will forever replace the classic ones, it can be noted even more people want and can effectively access to them daily. Everyone wants to feel and be part of this experience. Exclusivity and innovation are always trendy, and the numbers do not lie: you will probably have your metallic card in your hand sooner than you think.