Markets have more and more consumers feeling the need for exclusive products, and metal cards are no exception. What’s more, they are becoming a trend. Metal cards are highly desired, and that’s thanks to their design, look, and the feelings they arouse in consumers when using them.

The big brands seek to generate Premium spaces for their customers through differential products and banks have found that exclusive differential in metal payment cards: they are heavier than normal cards, users feel special when using them and they have a different sound when they are placed on the table: the noise of a higher status.

Banks noted that the metal card is sought after because of how it makes consumers feel and took note of this condition to enter the premium services market. When studying current trends, we note that more than 50% of millennials (in the US) with a high purchasing power, they wanted to obtain one of these cards and were willing to pay for them since 2016.

The metal cards are made of premium materials, manufactured with sophisticated techniques, and feature elegant designs. The result: consumers who stand out from the rest.

The Neobanks or avant-garde banks, understood the game and invested in the great potential of these cards, turning them into more than a product. They made them their brand strategy to enhance their image. And young customers are the ones who most value the appearance of their card, making it more than a form of payment factor: a means that makes the card owner feel privileged and that creates an unmatched shopping experience.