It only takes two things: a well-developed good idea and ensuring sales. The first step is to create a business plan to develop the concept in detail and check if it can work, from a logistical and also financial point of view.

The reality is that 90% of startups fail and this usually happens because the product or service they offer is not needed. While more than 60% of entrepreneurs believe they have a revolutionary business idea, this is rarely supported by market research.

Today young entrepreneurs seek to enter the business world independently, through innovation and creativity.

The idea is (almost) everything, so the first step is to get an idea that solves some kind of problem. Then you have to differentiate yourself: The product or service must be differentiated from the others for some reason: to be the best, the first, the most efficient. Determining the resources and financing of the project is key, since if the investment becomes a problem the results will never arrive: a well-developed idea can become a successful business (there are different types of financing such as starting a campaign of crowdfunding (collaborative investment), get a bank loan or interest venture capitals). The human factor is as important as the technological component. The human resources are needed to make the project work. Professionals related to the goals should be sought. Ensure the visibility and security of the project on the network. It is also essential to have a secure and reliable website for customers and focus communication to reach the target audience at the right time. And finally a point as important as the idea itself: sell. Great ideas need a strong sales team that is there when (and where) the customer needs it.

The equation is simple, without sales: business goes down. Today there are many technological strategies to be in the top of mind of the client and that are really necessary to ensure your sales.