The technologies and solutions with growth potential for 2022, which are already transforming the financial industry, are virtual reality and decentralized finance with the use of ‘blockchain’ or chain of blocks.

The main novelty that will be introduced this 2022 will go hand in hand with the metaverse: a trend that will bring together all of the current ‘fintech’, giving rise to a new global economy and way of working», explains the expert.

Building plots within metaverses are already being sold. In this virtual reality, transactions with the most widespread cryptocurrencies also take place, although it is predicted that each metaverse will also have its own cryptocurrency to manage its internal economy.

Over the years, banks have been able to detect all these new trends and take them into account when actively participating in the digital transformation of their customers. Companies, in turn, thanks to this financing can bring innovation closer to their consumers and contribute to the evolution of society.